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Multi-cultural society: Over 200 nationalities are living and working together in Dubai.

Young and dynamic population: More than 90% of the population in Dubai is less than 50 years of age.

Safety: The UAE are ranked second safest country in the world by the World Economic Forum (WEF), up one position from 2016.

Attractive tax regime: No income tax. VAT of max 5% to be introduced in 2018.

Tourism: More than 15 million international visitors in Dubai in 2016. 20 million mark expected to be reached before 2020.



Dubai & India

Dubai & India

Real Estate Owners

Real Estate Owners

Real Estate Prices

Real Estate Prices

Source: www.numbeo.com Q4 2016



2002  Property market opens up for foreigners.

2006  Law 7: Real Property Registration. Allows foreigners to own real estate in designated areas.

2007  1 - Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) formed. RERA becomes the regulatory institution for real estate.
          2 - Law 8: Escrow Law. This law ensures off plan sales revenue to be used only for the project for which it is collected.
2008  Law 13: Interim Real Estate Registry. Developers can't sell units off plan unless they take possession of land. All real estate units to be recorded in interim Real Estate Register. In case of default by the investor, developer must refund money after a deduction not exceeding 30% of the money paid by the investor.
2008  Law 14: Mortgage Registration. Protects banks and financial institutions by registering mortgages on real estate and enforcement of rights in case of default.
2009  Amendments to Law 13 of 2008: Developer can keep the full amount paid and claim remaining purchasing price if at least 80% of the project is completed. Developer can revoke the contract and keep up to 40% of the purchase price if at least 60% of the project is completed. Developer can revoke the contract and keep up to 25% of the purchase price if construction started but didn't reach 60%. Developer can revoke the contract and keep up to 30% of amount paid if construction has not started for reasons beyond control.
2010  Law 27: Jointly owned properties (Strata Law). Strata law benefits buyers bringing transparency and fairness on issues such as service charges, contracts with service providers and the use of common areas and facilities.

2010  Decree 4: Ownership of Land granted for industrial and commercial purposes. The decree allows holders of commercial granted lands to convert them into freehold payment of fees and market prices enabling them to use land to raise capital or sell it in open market.

2013  Investor Protection Law (TANWEER): Not yet released. Allows investors to get full refund in case of developer failure to deliver/complete property in specified time frame or alters specifications of flats without permission. Allows for compensation for breach of any warranty in a contract or misrepresentation by the developer or broker.

2013  In July 2013, the Government of Dubai announced the establishment of a special legal committee to settle the disputes between property developers and investors over the cancellation of projects. The decisions of this legal committee can not be challenged by any Dubai Court.

2013  In October 2013, the Central Bank issued new rules governing bank lending. The new rules will limit home loans for expatriates to 75% of property's value for investments less than AED5 million and 80% for UAE nationals. In case of second property, expatriates will be allowed 60% of property value and 65% for UAE nationals. Loans will be limited to a maximum of 25 years. Maximum age for last repayment is 65 for expatriates and 70 for UAE nationals.

2013   In October 2013, Dubai Land Department doubled transfer fees on each sale to 4% of property's value, in order to prevent excessive amount of speculation.

RERA Regulations That Protect Investor Interest

  • All projects have to be registered with RERA. Only RERA registered developers can launch a project
  • A developer can offer units off plan when 20% of construction has been completed or the developer has deposited 20% of the project value with RERA in an ESCROW account